O’Grady’s Launch

So, I’m an idiot sometimes.  Like the times when I shove my foot so far down my throat you can smell nail polish out of my butt.

I’m damn clumsy sometimes.  Like times at open mics when I trip over the mic wire and cause a tragic delay and enables me to say things that force my foot so far down my throat… get it?  It’s a vicious cycle.

All unfortunates aside, last night I performed at a Friday night stand-up show run by some awesome first year Humber students.

O'Gracious Host: Ben Beauchemin

The atmosphere at room-launches is always great, in my experience.  (This is my second room-launch performance.)  Everyone’s so excited at the potential of getting something regular happening and performing with people they know/like/respect/find hilarious.

The show felt like just that, and on a Friday to boot!  It’s amazing to get the opportunity to perform on a Friday because most of the time, it’s hard to find a spot willing to accommodate amateur comedy on a Friday, the busiest drinking night of the week!  And amateur comedians and their friends are usually broke.  The economics just don’t fly.

Doing inappropriate things to poorly drawn paintings of the Three Stooges however, soars… apparently.

Congrats to Cassiee, Troy, Ben & all the comics who made O’Grady’s kick off a great success!  Hope you let me back on next time!

"I sent my brother to Bear Night."

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