It doesn’t get much better than this, Kids.


Once in a while, there’s some sortof rift in the Space-Time continuum that makes it so impossible things become a reality. Let’s take yesterday, for example.  In reality, Brie Watson does not meet three out of the five Kids in the Hall in one day.

This conversation took place last night, waiting for a streetcar:

Brie:  “Sarrah, I think I’m dead.”

Sarrah: “Brie, you’re not dead.”

Brie:  “OK, but if I wake up tomorrow morning and Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney are making me breakfast, you owe me  a beer.”

And now I’m sitting here, making my own damn coffee, and I suppose I must accept that Sarrah was right about one.

One of the benefits of the Humber College comedy program, is that from time to time, they bring in people who are successful to some degree in the business of comedy in Canada.  Yesterday, a sketch workshop was organized wherein the second year students performed a few of their own sketches, and Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall were there to provide a bit of feedback.  This was followed by a Q&A with Kevin and Dave.  What a great opportunity for those second year kids, I thought,  to have your own stuff critiqued by Canadian comedy legends!

During the Q&A, a lot of students had questions about what to expect as a sketch troupe trying to make it in Canada, and how to attain celebrity, and all those other questions that you can’t possibly get an answer to that isn’t: “Basically, it was the 80’s, and we got really lucky.”  If there was a set formula for celebrity, I’m pretty sure a lot more people would be rich and famous, don’t you?

So, not to stand out, but just to fulfill something that a 16-year-old Brie would have only dreamed about, I wore my 10 -year-old KITH t-shirt purchased at their live performance in Buffalo, NY.  (The tickets and t-shirt were likely gifts from my family.)  The Kids in the Hall were my “Sweet Sixteen.”   Yeah, so I wore the t-shirt, raised my hand and this please allow me to relive one of the happiest moments of my life to date:

Dave: “Did you know we were coming?” (Reference the t-shirt)

Brie: Paraphrasing: “OK, so I was torn, because I was like: I’m not really sure I can wear this, because it’d be like wearing a t-shirt of the band you’re going to see, but then I thought to myself, I can’t NOT wear this shirt.  How can I NOT wear this shirt today?”

OK, everyone seems to think this is a fair point.

Brie: I’m just wondering if you guys plan to tour again?…because I’m gonna be needing a new t-shirt.

People laughed. Kevin and Dave laughed.  (Sarrah, I’m pretty sure I’m dead.)

At which point Kevin answered that the troupe are discussing an upcoming tour in the Spring, if they can coordinate between all five members, etc.

The exchange continues between classmates and comedy-idols, where kids in the program ask questions, generally more important than the fan-based diddy I pulled out.  But whatever.

After the Q&A we were able to get photos, during which I asked the boys to point to themselves on my shirt, which lead to further hilarious banter.

Dave, T-shirt & Kevin

There had been word that another “Kid” would be performing stand-up in town, and I won’t go into much detail about this one, not because it isn’t interesting, but just because.  Suffice it to say, Scott Thompson puts on a hilarious set and has a lot to say, in general conversation, about LGBTQ & gender issues.

Sarrah, are you positive I’m not dead?

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