Post-Turkey Projected Reflections

First off: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The excitement from my first performance now over (especially now I’ve played back the tape enough times to be sick of the sound of my own voice,) has made me eager to share with everyone two new assignments I’m currently working on: the first being for my Physical Comedy (Shtick) class and the second for my Sketch course.

I’d fancy myself a physical comedian.  When I did improv as a younger person, I always enjoyed elaborate movement.  I remember at one point I jumped up into the air in a sortof Superman-esque-type pose and fell to the floor, on purpose, to get the laugh.  And this was just in a workshop.  I would probably take further extremes during actual performances.  Anyhoo, this new assignment for my Shtick class involves miming an action, or a series of actions which you perform daily.  I’ve decided to take on an action that I used to perform daily: threading a projector.  The catch here is that you have to act this activity out to the sound of music.  It’s almost like choreographing a dance, which is very exciting!  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

The next assignment is to rehearse and perform already-written sketches.  It shouldn’t be a surprise to many of my friends to hear how jazzed I am about putting on a Kids in the Hall sketch, or some old, great SNL bits.  We’re even putting something on from Mr. Show, which, despite having borrowed the DVDs last year, I regretfully did not get around to watching, at all!

This following sketch was my contribution to our troupe.  We’ll be rehearsing this one, along with four other sketches beginning next week:


2 thoughts on “Post-Turkey Projected Reflections

  1. It’s all good Mel, but thanks. I performed it in class and it went over really well. I think I remembered it all, for the most bit.

    Nobody else seemed to know it was such an elaborate process.

    Oh, how I miss it so…

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