Breaking the Habit

Today is Day 1 off pop.

Coke, more specifically, but like, all pop would be ideal.

The book I’m reading says step 1 is to stop identifying with the habit. So, I can’t go around telling everyone how much I love Coke all the time anymore. (No not that coke.)

“I do not drink Coke.” – Me. Maybe if I write it down a bunch like the Shining it will become a reality.

Dan went to Walmart today and picked up two bottles of the stuff and I figure he’s trying to kill me. He also got a thing of Diet Coke because he thought a friend was coming over, but she’s not, so now I have to decide if it’s worth drinking Diet Coke or not, and frankly I don’t think it is.

Only Coca-Cola classic is truly worthy.

I mean, no it isn’t. Fuck Coke. Fuck it forever.

Habits are hard.

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