Let’s Play

Our director, the fabulous Mr. Shawn Campbell has announced the schedule for our Humber College’s Ten-Minute Play Festival!

See: 10-Minutes in Heaven

If you’re interested in the details, here they are:

Humber Comedy’s Ten-Minute Play Festival:

Wednesday, February 1st & Tuesday February 2nd 2012

Join us for a formidable festival of 10-minute plays written and performed by the second year students of Humber College’s Comedy Program!

This is a free event and we encourage anyone to attend! Friends, family, family-friends, co-workers, ex-lovers, craigslist randos, etc.

Invite whoever your heart desires!


First Night – Wed. Feb 1st – Curtain 7pm.

1. At The Gates – by Avery Edison
2. Facebook Is Ruining My Life – by Carolyn Nesling
3. The Talk – by Blake Finnie
4. PTA Games – by Jim Crone
5. The Adventures of Procrastination Man and his Sidekick Gentle Reminder Boy – by Andrew Barr
6. The Shaft – by Adam Parlette


7. All For Nothing – by Nola Cooks
8. Ballet For Beginners by Paige Turner  (<—– I’m in this one, as a Russian ballet teacher.  Awesome, right?)
9. Pre-Wedding Jitters by Steve Di Cecco
10. Tourist Season – by Kate Barberio
11. La Maison Bethune – by Brie Watson (<—- I wrote this one.   All my Vimy peeps:it’s about a brothel in WW1 France, the male lead, you guessed it, a tunneller)

Second Night – Thurs. Feb 2nd – Curtain 7pm.

1. Romeo And Reality – by Archi Zuber
2. Fatherly Advice – by Rob Jodoin
3. The Decision – by Brandon Mohammed
4. Hypothetically Her – by Matt McAllister
5. Harlequin – by Rachel Moore
6. Team Work Works – by Sam MacDonnell


7. The Contract – by Kyle Woolven
8. The Train Ride – by Eli Terlson
9. Dog Wedding – by Ashley Moffatt    (<—— I’m in this one too!)
10. Eric The Hapless Knight – by Charlie Shanbaum
11. For A Few Teeth More – by Jorge Viveros

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