TOsketchfest Day #1

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival kicked off today, and as luck would have it, the troupe to which I belong LaughDraft, got to help get things started.  We played at Comedy Bar and shared the stage with two other troupes, Touch My Stereotype and The Hooligans, who we were not able to watch because the shows were sold out!  Can you believe it? Not a bad way to start off a festival.

Our 15-minute set went well, I think.  We noted the differences between having just 15 minutes, and producing our normal 90 minute variety shows, but at this stage of the game, just starting out as we are, we were just grateful to be a part of such a cool event.

Despite not being allowed in to see the rest of the show in which I performed, I stuck around to catch the following show; three other sketch troupes – The Regulars, who I’d seen perform before at Fresh Meat, Beautiful Losers & A Classy Affair, which I didn’t realize at the time, but it was a “solo” piece, except for the guest she had come in to facilitate the process.  These were some great troupes!  Really top-quality stuff.

I can’t believe I missed this event last year, especially as someone starting to get involved in the sketch world.

I am SO looking forward to tomorrow night.  I’m hoping to be posted at the LOT to intern-away & hopefully catch some great shows!

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