My Late Night Letter to Sobeys

I wish to complain about the service I received at the Sobeys on the Queensway this evening.  I stood in a line behind two people, because the line next to me, where there was only one person in line, had a sign on it indicating the register would be closed after the last customer.

So, I waited in the other line.  The man in front of me began checking out and stopped the cashier (Barbara) because he did not believe he was getting the right price for the 4 cans of tuna he was purchasing.    (I got to hear the whole story – I was there long enough!)

Barbara, unaware as to why the cash register wasn’t showing the appropriate discount, took all the necessary measures to try to help the client she was serving.  While I waited.  And while a line behind me began to form.

The register next to me re-opened and took two more customers, both of whom had been BEHIND me in line. And then she closed again.

Many people were called to try to assist the man in front of me with his tuna crisis, and I continued to wait patiently.  (well, MOSTLY patiently) <— added for the blog

While I was waiting, it seems they opened up a few registers at the self-checkout aisle, where I would have been glad to go in the first place except, when I got in line, they were closed.  And nobody came to tell me they had opened up any additional registers.  It would have been nice to know.

I know you can’t help it when a customer really wants his discounted tuna, but it would have been great for someone, the cashier or ANYONE else to take notice of the other people in line, who have had long days, and who would like to get home, and who do not want to wait in line at Sobeys until 11pm.

The cashier even went out of her way as to offer the tuna-complaint man a free chocolate bar.

But I was waiting longer than him.  I had no complaints holding up the line for a half-hour.  I had 8 items or less.  So where’s my chocolate bar?

Laughs For Loaves TONIGHT!

Well, I may have spent the past two days sick in bed, but tonight, I’ll finally be getting out of my PJs (or maybe just putting on a more socially acceptable going-out kinda PJs) for this event right here:

(Since the poster was made, we’ve also had two great additions to the line-up: Ned & Dave and Mark DeBonis. Huzzah!)

If you’re thinking about coming, and you’re not sure what kind of food items to bring, check out what some of the performers’ favourite canned goods and maybe you’ll be inspired:

Ned Petrie (of Ned & Dave):

“Pumpkin Pie Filling (although if they could actually ‘can’ the nature of ‘good’-ness, that would be the tops)”

David Tichauer (the Dave part of Ned & Dave):

“My favorite canned good is the laughter on the Flintstones.”

The Sues:

“Peaches… millions of peaches. we love canned peaches so much that we moved to the country where we found a nice man who put fresh peaches in a can. for us and only us… he did make us kiss him in his little dun buggy for each can, but they’re so delish that we were okay with it.”

Kristeen von Hagen: 

“Soup! And Kraft dinner!”

James Kersley:

“Tuna combined with a can of corn. It’s a cheap student meal of protein and whatever corn is. (Chef Boyardee Ravioli is a close second)”

Vest of Friends:

Canned Pizza. It doesn’t exist yet but we’re working on it. We figure people like pizza, so why not put it in a can? Get it? We’re smart.”

All great ideas!  Maybe some of you will end up bringing some canned pizza of your own to give to:


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