3 Fun Friday

It’s been a nice, quiet Friday, brightened up by the fact that:

  1. I spent most of the day listening to Mark Andrada play show tunes on his Internet radio show and was consoled by the fact that there are many other musical theatre geeks in the comedy community.  (The show is for reals dope – don’t let the whole musical theatre thing dissuade you from checking it out: Way Too Early… with Mark Andrada) and;
  2. I found out I get to help out again with this year’s SketchFest!  (I think I mentioned that in my last post, but I don’t care – I started doing some actual stuff today for it and so shut up.  It counts.)
  3. We begin filming the next episode of CatChatz tomorrow!  Hooray for cats!  Meow! Meow!  (On a similar note, it looks like Peanut’s starting to feel better, so hopefully she’ll be in ship-shape for the shoot.)

OK, back to point #2 (hehehehe, #2…) anybody excited about SketchFest should attend this event right here:


Drinks, fun and oysters – sounds like a party to me!


June Update = Jupdate

It’s been a fun past two evenings down at Comedy Bar for Sketch Com-ageddon, but sadly I won’t be able to see the rest of the competition because I’m working the next few evenings and on Saturday I’m going to see Radiohead.

Finally, a band I’ve wanted to see live in concert since I was pre-high school.  The Bends was the first CD I ever bought.  For whatever reason, I never got around to seeing them live.  I had tickets the last time they were in Canada, but I had to re-sell them in order to return to France (oh, boo-hoo, I know!)  The kicker, they’d been playing the city where I lived in France the DAY before I arrived.  I really should have planned that better.  But this weekend, I’m finally going to see them.  Unless someone has free tickets to France.

Back to Com-Ageddon, it was fun!  I performed on Monday and Tuesday I attempted to live-Tweet the festivities (despite my tardiness.) It was fun to re-connect with some TOsketchfest pals & Humber pals.  It felt a little strange to see fellow Humber students now, even though we used to see each other every single day of the week.  Maybe that’s why.  Or maybe it’s because I’m kindof awkward, socially.  Mph.

I’ve got a PREVIEW to some news.  A few of my fellow comedians with similar sensibilities are planning somewhat of a comedy tour in October.  We’re thinking about hitting up some more Eastern areas, such as Ottawa, Montreal and Sherbrooke, and some more Western areas, like St. Catharines, London and Guelph.  If anyone who reads this blog lives around any of those places, keep reading for more information to come.  If you’re from those areas and you have tips about venues and booking information, please get in touch with me – because I value your knowledge and experience.

Ooooh!  Also.  My partner in cat-crime, Paige Mcintrye, & I finally put up our second episode of CatChatz.  You should be sure to check that out, because it’s funny and about cats.

Troupes & Videos Of The Day

One of the tasks to which I was assigned for my internship with TOsketchfest is posting write-ups for the various troupes performing during the festival as well as finding some of their funny videos online and publishing them as well.  I think I might take this opportunity to showcase my writing (which follows a very strict format) for the festival.  Here are links to a couple of my posts:

Troupe of the Day – Touch My Stereotype ->   NOTE!  LaughDraft is performing alongside this troupe on November 8th at Comedy Bar.  Should be very cool.  If you want to buy tickets… you can click HERE!

Troupe of the Day – Vest of Friends -> These guys are friends of mine, so it’s pretty cool to get to write about them.  They host a weekly stand-up room where I’ve performed a bunch… although not lately… stupid busy second year!

Troupe of the Day – Good Game -> Again, more friends of mine.  Or at least one friend.  I’ve never met the others.  But still.  Friendly peeps worth checking out!

Video of the Day – My Toronto -> This is a video by a two-person troupe called British Teeth.  I saw them perform at Fresh Meat this year and they were very funny… as is this video.  Check it.  Torontonians will love it.

I can’t wait for the festival to start, so I can check out all the troupes I’m writing about!

Anne-Marie! Do The Interns Get Glocks?

Great news!  I get to do more than perform for the Toronto Sketch Comedy Fest, I’m also now officially one of their 3 Humber student-interns.  I’ll be working on some social media updates, some organizing, some helping out here and there, and other exciting interny things!

Like the Comedy Awards, I’m glad Humber sets us up with these neat ways to meet & work with the big shots and little shots in the community! 😀

Check back often to see how this new adventure turns out!


"Don't point that gun at him. He's an unpaid intern."