Chicken Pod! (The Constant Struggle’s Newest Ep!)

Episode 6 of my brother and my podcast, The Constant Struggle, is up & we’d love it if you’d giver a listen.

This time around, Nick’s got a new writing deadline he wants to get to before he takes off to Scotland with his family. Will the trip inspire him to write something while he’s over there? We’ll see!

Will Brie survive her month of insane-work hours and continue to work on her comedy all throughout, or will she have a complete mental breakdown along the way?

Find out, by downloading the episode on iTunes or checking it out right here:

Oh, and if you want to sign that petition to help get Kevin Smith Canadian citizenship, click here:

Struggle On, friends!

A Big Week for Stand-Up Contests

What a cool and weird stand-up week for yours truly!

I’ve been working like a mad-woman; editing, re-writing and re-working material for my set at Humber’s upcoming Showcase “exercise” at Yuk Yuk’s.   The showcases are taking place on Tuesday March 27th & April 3rd – (mine’s on April 3rd – keep the date & come on out!)

To get ready for it, I’ve tried my stuff out on some different rooms over the past few (months) days.  This week, I went to London, ON’s Big League Comedy Club for the first time – and folks, it… was… DEAD!  I don’t know if it was because the weather was great or because London had already exhausted its other comics in the previous rounds, but by virtue of only having two comics “compete” on Tuesday, both of us automatically moved forward to the next round!

“Default? The two sweetest words in the English language! De-FAULT! De-FAULT! De-FAULT!” – Homer Simpson

Then, last night, I performed in Night 12 of the Gauntlet Round of the Toronto Comedy Brawl, a local comedy competition put on by Ian Atlas, initially as a way to ensure comedians keep performing over the summer months – but that has now grown to such huge proportions, they’ve had to start what was a summer contest, as early as March!

The Gauntlet Round is weird.  Usually great crowds because comics try to bring out as many of their friends as possible, because you get voted by the audience to move on in the competition.  However, it’s tough for some seasoned comics to bring out big numbers, since they spend the rest of the year using guilt and harassment as a tool to drag friends out to countless other events.

Luckily, some good pals came out to my round last night (THANKS CAROLYN & LINDA) and I moved forward to the next round of the Brawl which, won’t  be happening until May.  That’s how many gauntlets there are!!! We don’t continue until May!

If you’re interested in checking out any of the Gauntlet Rounds or following this awesome local comedy event, check out the Toronto Comedy Brawl’s Facebook Page.

And come check out my damn showcase on April 3rd!  <— it’s my birthday for Pete’s sake!