It was a big day for Canadian women yesterday.  We took home the Gold in Hockey and Curling, and on the home front, this Canadian gal had her own personal little victory.

I’m talking about my first article published in She Does the City, a most excellent website geared towards all things women.  It’s a wonderful site with all sorts of great resources concerning events going on in town as well, so check it out, and have a laugh.


Say Goodbye To Your Case of the Mondays!

There’s always been a bit of a challenge getting people to show up to the Comedy Bar on a regular Monday evening.   But for The JokeBox Comedy Lounge, by Impulsive Entertainment, produced by Deanna Palazzo and James Dalzell, it’s: “Challenge Accepted!”

Every Monday, the JokeBox Comedy Lounge plays host to a variety of comedy performances.  I attended last night, and there was a good mix of some stand-up, both booked and lotterized, improv and sketch comedy to entertain all the senses.  And, despite an off-night for the Comedy Bar’s famous mac n’ cheese, I’d say it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The night kicked off with host and noted bartender/IT Asian, Jim Kim, who always brings forth funny observations – in this case, about the Olympics and his mixed feelings towards attractive athletes, both male and female.  After which, the line-up consisted of:

  • Jordan Foisy  (Stand-Up Lottery Spot)
  • The Winston Zeddesmores (Improv)
  • Natalie Norman (Stand-Up)
  • The Reception (Sketch)
  • Mischa Cheeseman (Stand-Up Lottery Spot)
  • Ron Josol (Stand-Up)
  • Good Game (Musical Sketch)

It was a good mix – I’d never seen Ron Josol perform before, but he was really great!   He was just home from Just For Laughs and was certainly still on his festival-game because he was hilarious!  And the headliners, Good Game, with their mix of deadpan musical comedy, were a real treat to finish the night up!

All in all, you can’t go wrong for such a variety of talented comics for $5 on a Monday.  Get off your butts and check this show out!


The JokeBox Comedy Lounge, every Monday at 8pm, Comedy Bar – $5

BRIEVIEWS: Olympic Ads

Procter & Gamble has this ad paying homage to the selfless moms out there who are there every step of the way in the upbringing of a Olympic athletes (or in general, anyone who’s ever dreamed big.)  It’s really touching, and I know it’s a big giant evil corporation, but it still made me feel like: “I love my Mom!” – then I balled my eyes out.

McDonalds opted for a different advertising technique in this market.   Less sentimentality and more dub-step.   In an effort to sell a shitty-looking chicken sandwich?    It made me feel like: “Make this stop – I’m never going to order this shitty sandwich.  If I go to McDonald’s it’s not for “healthy” chicken sandwiches, and it certainly isn’t to wait around for a half hour to let the staff finish their dance routine, so shut up, stop dancing and make me a Quarter Pounder!”  – then I threw my cat at the TV.

P&G = sentimental |  McDonalds = pure rage

I’m gonna go stock up on toothpaste and pads.