Ten “New Year” Thoughts

Quick musings on the start of my new job and what feels like a new year (because of how we’re socialized as children to see the school year to be a new year and even though I have’t been in school for a few years, it still feels that way…)

  1. I need to see a physiotherapist for my shoulder. For real. (but AFTER softball season’s over.)
  2. I’m getting pretty tired of administrative work. Can someone please pay me for my thoughts, and not my ability to print shit soon?
  3. It’s way better to take the streetcar at 7:30 AM than 8AM. That half hour makes an insanely stupid difference in TTC service.
  4. I miss working on Steven and Chris.
  5. I miss working with the people at PanAm.
  6. For two days, I feel like I’ve been in control of my schedule. Let’s see how long that lasts. (My guess, until the first JFL42 show I see.)
  7. I’m getting pretty sweet at editing our my podcast. Even though sometimes I have to splice together pieces that, for continuity’s sake, make no sense whatsoever. (Example: Let’s go bowling.)
  8. You should be on and listen to my podcast.
  9. I haven’t performed in like, 4 days. I both miss it, and am incredibly relieved to be doing other creative things that don’t involve hourlong train commutes.
  10. I went to the gym! #PointsMe

Thanks for indulging me.

Foot lasers!

I had a first visit to the chiropodist today.  He told me there was nothing wrong with my foot, except that it hurts a lot (still, remember?  Did I mention anything about that in an earlier post?)  Anyway, so – he says it might be pain resulting from an injury that I never quite let heal, which sounds about right.   So, the solution? Laser treatment.  Apparently it helps speed up the healing process.

I got to sit back and watch Ratatouille as lasers were strapped onto my foot!

This is the kind of treatment James Bond would HATE!


Oooh, it’s so tingly!

Side note: I was totally wearing a tux during the whole thing too.  Eat your heart out James.