Fangirl Moment

I’m gonna go a bit fangirl for a second.  Please excuse, but I have to contain myself while at school so… here goes:

Um, it’s pretty dang nifty, I’d say, to work in a writer’s room with Dave Foley.  I ugh, how can?  I don’t.  What?  It’s Dave Foley for crying out loud.  My parents hated how obsessed I was with the Kids in the Hall growing up.  I was too young to catch their show when it originally aired, but I would watch re-runs on the early days of the Comedy Network repeatedly.  I would TAPE sketches on VHS, the ones I liked the most.   That feels like so long ago.  I had a pen-pal I met on a KITH fan message board.  A message board!  Do they even still have those?  Other than like, craigslist or kijiji!?!?  She sent me photos of their show in New York and I to her from their show in Buffalo.  She sent me Dave’s autograph.  Holy shit, I just remembered that now.   I used to quote Brain Candy with my friends.  Dina did a great Baxter!   I had a poster of The Wrong Guy on my wall when I was in high school for Pete’s sake.  Most of you probably haven’t even HEARD of the Wrong Guy!

And now I’m working with him in a writer’s room!!!!  Life, you’re being awesome right now!


Industry Show Prep – Day 2

Why not start this evening’s writing process with a little procrastination?  I need to re-write one of my sketches from the end-of-year sketch show (which was a LOT of fun, but I don’t think I got to write about it too much, other than about Steve’s injuries) AND begin writing a new sketch to be table-read either tomorrow or in the next few days because, well…today, we began the second day of a two-week process leading up to the anticipated/prestigious Industry Show.

(I made it in!!! OMG OMG OMG!  YAY! I’m so happy!!! And honoured!!! AND STOKED!)

The Industry Show will be taking place Monday May 7th at the Second City Main Stage, (where I have been working for the past 3 weeks) and will have an audience of many  industry-types checking it out.  Some previous Humber grads have gone on to be signed by agents as a result of performing in the show and though I may not be that optimistic/delusional, I see it as being an excellent opportunity (one of hopefully many to come) to be seen, in action, by some key players in the industry.

We’ve been issued a schedule of “10am – ?” for the duration of time leading up to the final rehearsals the weekend before the 7th, which makes having a job pretty difficult – actually, it makes me feel real guilty about having to ask for time off work.   I haven’t seen the people at the Career Centre in what feels like ages and I only started at the Second City not too long ago, so I feel like a real dink asking for this much time off.

Anyway, the atmosphere in the room is really interesting.  We’ve got a bunch of tables forming a square and all 26 of us sitting around the tables, pitching sketches, contributing ideas and being relentlessly mocked by Lorne Frohman, the showrunner who, by the way, keeps telling me I’m loud.  If he thinks that’s loud, he should meet my grandmother on cleaning day.  It’s really interesting because throughout the program I’ve been commenting on how great it would be to get to work with other people from other sections who I didn’t have the chance to work with yet, and now here we are, all collaborating in one room.  It’s a pretty neat environment.

Well, I’ve gone on long enough about this.  Time to get back to work.  No.  Time to eat lasagna, then get back to work.

READ THIS: “How The Comedy Nerds Took Over”

Hey blog-followers!

This is a really cool/interesting/revealing NY Times article explaining/defending what myself and most of my colleagues at Humber are getting into in terms of the alternative comedy scene & comedy nerdom.

It was written by Toronto’s king of the Comedy Nerds himself, Andrew Clark -> who also happens to be the program coordinator of Humber’s Comedy: Writing & Performance program.  (How’s that for comedy nerdy?)

Take a gander:


It’s Time to Play the Music

It’s time to light the lights.

It’s time for #cliché – Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire: A Humber Comedy 2nd Year Section 02 End-of-Year Sketch Show.

We performed the first of our two-night run and, it what seemed like the blink of an eye, it came and went.  An incredibly fun blink of an eye, but it seemed like it went by real fast, is what I’m getting at.

The highlight of the evening was probably the fact that le petit Steve Gignac was actually punched in the face on stage, by accident, by Robit Kyle Woolven.  As they say in show biz, “it’s all fun and games until Steve’s nose is bleeding in the green room.”

Steve is Beavis in this situation.

We perform again tomorrow night at 7pm & you should be there.  Because our show’s hilarious.  Like, really really great.  And if you don’t like it, we’ll sick Kyle on you.

#cliché etc.

It’s hard to believe we’re currently rehearsing for our end-of year sketch show!

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the audience as the second years from last year gave it their all one last time before graduating and/or moving on to the Industry Show. I’m so excited to see everyone’s sketches, the remount of some people’s plays, but most of all — I am stoked to FINALLY see our parody videos we filmed all last semester ago!

  (See: Parody Shoots.)

And, I’m excited to actually put on our show, obviously.  It really is going to be a good one.  We’ve really extracted some of the funniest written scenes, with some of the funniest characters from over the past two years for your viewing and laughing pleasure.  And everyone on the team gets a few opportunities to shine! (…)

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to perform sketch comedy, and as repetitive as I’ve been in saying it, I really miss doing it.  Paige & I also get to showcase some of our dance experience in this show – in two numbers.  So hey parents, all those 15 years of lessons are paying off. (Not literally.  I don’t get paid for this.  But maybe one day it’ll actually pay off.  In this case, it’s just paying off because I’ve been cast in two scenes because I can dance and sing simultaneously.)

Maybe I’m too tired to be posting today.  (Maybe that’s why everything’s in brackets.)

Maybe that five hour rehearsal for 10 minute’s worth of (terribly flawed) stage time really wiped me out.

Maybe it was working til midnight yesterday.

I’m finally caught up with Mad Men.

I need an oil change.

And to do laundry.


The Proof is in the Pudding…Mmm… pudding…

This past Tuesday, Humber’s Comedy program held its’ first Stand-Up Gala at Yuk Yuk’s – to be aired (perhaps) (eventually) on Sirius XM satellite radio.  We had a special guest host, Levi MacDougall, who you probably recognize from all those Rogers commercials, but who you should probably learn more about because he’s a lot more impressive than the dude in those commercials.  ANYWAY,  it felt good to perform that night, because I hadn’t had the strongest set in our showcase the week prior, (the one in which a bunch of Humber alumni and other industry people came to evaluate,) and yet I was still asked to participate.  And, I believe I had a better night on the Gala show than I did on the showcase, so Win 1 for Brie!

I’d like to say I’m over the relatively shitty feeling you get when a bunch of people you hardly know tells you what they didn’t like about your performance in the form of a numerical grade, but I’m pretty over it.

Some people had better Showcase nights.  Some people had better Gala nights.  There are good and bad nights & good and bad sets.  I am uplifted that my Gala night went better, because it encourages me to want to go out more, to write more and to keep at it.  Life doesn’t end at the showcase.


It ends at the Industry Show.

No.  Not really.

That being said, we are currently hard at work on our end-of-year Sketch show, which has been TREMENDOUS fun!  Our director, Gary Pearson, is so profesh, organized & on the ball.  I’d aim for an attitude like his if I was ever to be back working in a sketch troupe.  And I am SO stoked that two of my sketches, one black-out and an improv-come-sketch (with help from the very funny Brandon Trainor,) were selected to be part of our show.

There’s something about the collaborative nature of sketch comedy that makes upcoming performances more exciting than the nerve wracking excitation of stand-up.  It’s probably because you have others to play with and fall back on.  It’ll also be a moment to take in because it’ll be the last time us 02s work together as a collective.  Unless we’re all chosen for the Industry Show.  (Fingers crossed.)

Maybe it’s the cough syrup talking sentimental, but I’m sure gonna miss thing gang when clown college’s is all over. 😦

Mini Comedy Lab

I wanted to write a bit long insightful post about how amazing our 3-day workshop with Mike McCarthy was last week – but it’s one of those things where, like — I don’t want to give it all away.  You know?

If you were there, you know – Seriously helpful stuff.

It was probably on the top 3 of: Most Practical/Important Things Humber’s Offered me as part of the Comedy Program

(I think I reserve a hug from Dave Foley as #1 – but my priorities may be a bit out of whack.  Who can tell?)

A Big Week for Stand-Up Contests

What a cool and weird stand-up week for yours truly!

I’ve been working like a mad-woman; editing, re-writing and re-working material for my set at Humber’s upcoming Showcase “exercise” at Yuk Yuk’s.   The showcases are taking place on Tuesday March 27th & April 3rd – (mine’s on April 3rd – keep the date & come on out!)

To get ready for it, I’ve tried my stuff out on some different rooms over the past few (months) days.  This week, I went to London, ON’s Big League Comedy Club for the first time – and folks, it… was… DEAD!  I don’t know if it was because the weather was great or because London had already exhausted its other comics in the previous rounds, but by virtue of only having two comics “compete” on Tuesday, both of us automatically moved forward to the next round!

“Default? The two sweetest words in the English language! De-FAULT! De-FAULT! De-FAULT!” – Homer Simpson

Then, last night, I performed in Night 12 of the Gauntlet Round of the Toronto Comedy Brawl, a local comedy competition put on by Ian Atlas, initially as a way to ensure comedians keep performing over the summer months – but that has now grown to such huge proportions, they’ve had to start what was a summer contest, as early as March!

The Gauntlet Round is weird.  Usually great crowds because comics try to bring out as many of their friends as possible, because you get voted by the audience to move on in the competition.  However, it’s tough for some seasoned comics to bring out big numbers, since they spend the rest of the year using guilt and harassment as a tool to drag friends out to countless other events.

Luckily, some good pals came out to my round last night (THANKS CAROLYN & LINDA) and I moved forward to the next round of the Brawl which, won’t  be happening until May.  That’s how many gauntlets there are!!! We don’t continue until May!

If you’re interested in checking out any of the Gauntlet Rounds or following this awesome local comedy event, check out the Toronto Comedy Brawl’s Facebook Page.

And come check out my damn showcase on April 3rd!  <— it’s my birthday for Pete’s sake!