Episode #10 with RYAN HUGHES is UP!


In this episode, Nick & Brie chat with actor, writer & improvisor Ryan Hughes about some of the struggles he’s currently facing in the pursuit of his art.


Dis Ryan!

Ryan speaks of a few pros and cons of the day job, and what happens when it’s gone. He discusses issues of confidence and mental health. We also delve into a deep discussion about women in comedy and *~*GASP*~* even feminism!
With GREAT shout-outs to:
Be sure to check Ryan out on Twitter @ryanfhughes & his improv troupe
Peggy Molson @peggymolson
Peggy Molson are competing in the Big City Improv Festival’s “TKO” tournament. Their semi-final set is at Comedy Bar on Tues. Oct. 13th @ 8:00 PM. Go check ’em out if you’re in Toronto.

A L’il Rasgal Drops By TCS

Our newest episode of The Constant Struggle podcast is up, and for the first time, we’ve decided to feature a guest on the show. We invited Susannah Kiernan, member of the hilarious duo “L’il Rasgals” to come on by and talk to us a bit about the various challenges she’s had to face in the noble pursuit of her art.


You can also find the episode on iTunes by searching “The Constant Struggle”

Give it a listen. It’s a great episode & Susannah is a wonderful guest. While you’re at it, follow her on Twitter at @SusannahKiernan and follow us at @StrugglePod.

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Struggle on!




Brief Thoughts in Passing: Meeting a Locally Renown Casting Director

Ok, so if ever a casting director comes to somewhere to speak to you for free, and you’re really interested in getting into commercials or TV, and maybe her son runs one of the biggest casting houses in the city, and maybe you have some questions you want to ask her, but you also want her to maybe consider you for future projects, or maybe pass your name onto her son for future casting opportunities, maybe, oh I don’t know, maybe… TELL HER YOUR NAME!  

A tidbit of advice brought to you by someone who has only gone to very few auditions. Take it or or leave it.

BRIEVIEWS: Olympic Ads

Procter & Gamble has this ad paying homage to the selfless moms out there who are there every step of the way in the upbringing of a Olympic athletes (or in general, anyone who’s ever dreamed big.)  It’s really touching, and I know it’s a big giant evil corporation, but it still made me feel like: “I love my Mom!” – then I balled my eyes out.

McDonalds opted for a different advertising technique in this market.   Less sentimentality and more dub-step.   In an effort to sell a shitty-looking chicken sandwich?    It made me feel like: “Make this stop – I’m never going to order this shitty sandwich.  If I go to McDonald’s it’s not for “healthy” chicken sandwiches, and it certainly isn’t to wait around for a half hour to let the staff finish their dance routine, so shut up, stop dancing and make me a Quarter Pounder!”  – then I threw my cat at the TV.

P&G = sentimental |  McDonalds = pure rage

I’m gonna go stock up on toothpaste and pads.