OK, so I haven’t done anything AS exciting as working in a TV studio this past week, but I did get a car.

Pile in, grandkids!

(This isn’t actually my car, but it’s the same make and model… it’s been too gloomy in Toronto these days to take adequately mood-uplifting car photos, so I figured stealing someone else’s would be good enough.)

No big deal.

(It’s totally a big deal.)


Ever been given a car, then realized because you’ve never been insured before because you’ve been taking public transit ever since you left home for university, so you’re an at-risk driver and no insurer in his or her right mind will get you a good deal on car insurance, so you worry you’re going to dig yourself into a financial hole deeper than the one you’ve already doomed yourself into when you decided to go to clown college and start paying for car insurance two months before you graduate?

Me too.