New Episode of the Constant Struggle featuring Alex Wong!

Our new episode of The Constant Struggle podcast features actor & improviser Alex Wong. Click on the images below to find our more about his awesome acting journey and his cool new webseries “In Real Life”:

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Advertising in Toronto: Drowning in Oversight

Whoever’s responsible for putting up these posters in Toronto evidently didn’t think this through…

2013-02-28 16.15.46


(I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this… but Great Wolf Lodge is super fun water park!)

BRIEVIEWS: Olympic Ads

Procter & Gamble has this ad paying homage to the selfless moms out there who are there every step of the way in the upbringing of a Olympic athletes (or in general, anyone who’s ever dreamed big.)  It’s really touching, and I know it’s a big giant evil corporation, but it still made me feel like: “I love my Mom!” – then I balled my eyes out.

McDonalds opted for a different advertising technique in this market.   Less sentimentality and more dub-step.   In an effort to sell a shitty-looking chicken sandwich?    It made me feel like: “Make this stop – I’m never going to order this shitty sandwich.  If I go to McDonald’s it’s not for “healthy” chicken sandwiches, and it certainly isn’t to wait around for a half hour to let the staff finish their dance routine, so shut up, stop dancing and make me a Quarter Pounder!”  – then I threw my cat at the TV.

P&G = sentimental |  McDonalds = pure rage

I’m gonna go stock up on toothpaste and pads.