Writer’s Guilt

I’m finally over my cold and into updating you about my leave status so far. So, step 1: got over cold. Step two, moved about 1/3 of the stuff from my place in Toronto to the new house, including my desk (finally.) I’ve ordered a new chair, which I will pick-up tomorrow as my Toronto office chair has been ripped to shits by my cat, whom I cherish and love… also, who I’ve just been reunited with, since she’s been staying with “grandma” for the past month & change (since DCM) because we were worried the move would stress her out. She has cat anxiety. It’s a thing.

And then I get asked whether or not I’ve written anything yet.

And I feel like I’ve let myself down.

The answer to that questions is… well, I just got my desk in today and hey, don’t rush me, I’ve been sick. That being said, I’ve been writing my morning pages (almost) every morning lately, and though Julia Cameron herself has written that technically those don’t count as writing, I feel like since I’m writing words down on paper, it totally counts for something.

Oh also, I’ve been performing in shows, I even had a paid gig for kids at the library. I’ve been having meetings with creative people; setting out plans for future projects and collaborations. I’ve been trying to catch up on personal administrative things.

And one day, I tried to enjoy the summer. I went to the beach.

But until I have something to show you, I will feel guilty.

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