Summer Colds & Night Owls

It’s late on a Monday night – or early, Tuesday morning I guess. If I had to work tomorrow morning, I would be freaking out because I’m not tired at the moment, which means I wouldn’t get the necessary amount of sleep required for me to not be a zombie in the morning and for the rest of the day.

I slept a bunch this morning and took another nap this afternoon to get over this summer cold I’m not entirely convinced wasn’t passed onto my by an actual doctor.

This happens to me every time I allow my body to rest. My mom says the same thing used to happen to her when she was teaching. The first chance the body has to rest, the immune system shuts down and I’m down for the count for a good couple days.  Save a few obligatory shows where I wreck my voice shrieking like a scared child.

But I won’t be calling in sick tomorrow because I can sleep in.

If I had a full-time job where they would just let me sleep in until whenever I wanted and say, start work at 11am and work the full day from then, I would be such a great and punctual little employee.

The 9-5 life is difficult for night owls.


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