What If?

I know there’s not a lot of money in improv. I know it’s something you do because you love it. And I also know I’m lucky to know a group of people who love it enough to have become so good at it I can barely contain myself when watching them perform.

Tonight, I got to play with these people. Well, a percentage of these people. A hand-picked group of these great make-em-uppers. And it was kindof like an out-of-body experience in that I had to remind myself from time to time that I was on stage and part of the performance, as well as experiencing the joy from watching this stuff done really, really well in a really cool way.

Thank you Chris, Pete, Sharjil, Candace, Christian, Colin, Chelsea & Gill for helping me turn this idea into one of the most fun shows I’ve ever experienced EVER, ANYWHERE.

Thanks to Gary & Comedy Bar for the Festival of New Formats being a thing.

Man, I hope we get to do this again.


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