Performer Spotlight – Exit, Pursued By A Bear

SoCap gave EPBAB a Performer Spotlight! Check us out!

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dsc_0012It’s another performer spotlight! This time we’re checking in with Brie Watson& Gillian English of Exit, Pursued By A Bear.

How would you describe your group?

Bladder-busting improv duo of classically trained Shakespearian actor Gillian English and classically trained doofus Brie Watson take you on an adventure into the world of the smart and silly; the smilly! Guided by dynamic chemistry and fun and relatable characters, EPBAB delight and entertain with unconventional world-views and stories that’ll leave you in stitches. EPBAB headline a monthly comedy show at the Social Capital Theatre in Toronto every 4th Thursday of the month & have been on NOW Magazine’s “Critic’s Picks” list.

Tell us a bit about the show.

This is a 1.5 hour comedy variety show hosted and headlined by EPBAB. The show features our favourite local stand-up comics, sketch and improv troupes, and a variety of other comedy acts. We try to get…

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