More Pressing Subjects to be Examined by Social Scientists Involving the Canadian Comedy Subculture

In light of the recent dump the National Post took on female comedians, (see: The Bullshit) – and taking into consideration both my background in the Humanities as well as my experience in Humber College’s Comedy: Writing & Performance program, I must admit, there are many sociological elements to the Canadian comedy subculture that could do with an intense analysis, but I hardly think the physical appeal (or lack thereof) of certain female comics is the most pressing.

How about the fact that most comics I know either suffer from an attention deficit disorder, an anxiety disorder or some other social, psychological or chemical instability?  Maybe some insight into that would make for an interesting read.  What is it about comedy that attracts so many people suffering from mental or developmental health issues?  That could be insightful!  So many of us use the stage as free therapy already, why not throw a Masters student in the crowd to find out more?

Or…what if you studied the socio-economic impact of the female stand-up comic vs. the male.  Instead of focusing on matters implemented by Western societal views on beauty, maybe we should have the researchers examine that element of the female stand-up comedian – her drive, her business savvy, her hard work.  Nope.  Don’t wanna think about it.  She’s a fatty, that’s all that matters.

Or many have someone look into the reason why SO MANY comics, both starting out and intermediate, find it so necessary to tell rape joke after rape joke after rape joke.  What is it they’re all trying to satisfy?  (Oh yeah, here Brie goes again… always bitching at us for talking about rape.)  Well what the fuck is it that so many of you find so damn appealing about the most painful and humiliating experience to ever happen to a woman – and to treat it so lightly?   I get it – take the things that matter the most to people and make light of them – that’s comedy – we do it about Politics and Religion all the time (that being said, Priest pedophile jokes are hack by now, OK? And so are jokes about clothes hangers or throwing pregnant women down flights of stairs.)  But why rape?  Especially when the jokes are being told by late teen to early twenty some-odd virgin douchebags who don’t know the first thing about the severity of this issue on a grand scheme.  Why is stand-up comedy obsessed with rape?  Let’s get some Women’s Studies PhD candidates to find THAT out?

Anything ANYTHING instead of how physically appealing they are. That’s not science.  That’s a tabloid.

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