That’ll Teach Me

Just when I thought the universe was giving me a little break, I complained about it and somehow the universe found a way to take a shit in my mouth.

What a nice treat it was to find out just before the Holidays from the City of Toronto that my rent was going down!  Not a huge decrease, something like $8 and some cents.

Instead of being happy about it, I complained about how much more difficult it will be to write all those extra numbers on a check instead of the nice rounded amount I paid initially.

“It’s just easier to write BLAH-hundred”   But here I was writing “Blah-blah-blah hundred and blabitty blah cents.”

As the fates would have it, (or more like the capitalist pigs who own this property would have it,) they’ve jacked rent up an extra $20 and some.  So now, not only do I have to write out an un-rounded amount every month, but it’s also a fair chunk more expensive than it was in the first place!

That’ll teach me to complain.

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