10-Minutes in Heaven (aka a WWI-era French brothel)

OK, here’s something school-related:

I just found out the 10-minute play I wrote for my Comedy Script Writing course was selected to be put on in our 10-minute Play Festival happening on the 1st & 2nd of February. (Pretty sure this is a free one, folks! … js.)

(Note: Out-of-towners, this gives you plenty of time to book the nights off to get here and see the play. For those coming in from Ottawa, the 10 minutes of performance will totally be worth the 5+ hour (depending on traffic) drive to get to see it.)

But for reals here, I’m super happy my play was selected because I put a lot of work into that thing, writing it and re-writing it. Loving it, having it torn apart, hating it, then finding it at least tolerable enough to hand in.

I know it will be hard work to see all these plays come to life; lots of rehearsing, memorizing lines etc. But it’s going to be so much fun. Just like filming those parody sketches was tremendously fun!

I can’t wait to see my classmates transform into WW1 soldiers and French prostitutes. It’s going to be a blast!

Better stop shaving your pits, Paige.

9 thoughts on “10-Minutes in Heaven (aka a WWI-era French brothel)

    • Thanks Michael! I will not be performing in the production, but I believe I will have a seat next to the director & will be entitled to input as the rehearsals progress.

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