Christmas Vacation

Woohoo!  The Holidays are here!

I intend to get loads of reading and writing done over the Holidays (doesn’t everybody?, ha!) to make up for the fact that I’ve been crazy busy over the past few months with year 2 o’ Clown College.  I didn’t expect this year to be as challenging, mentally and emotionally (?) but alas, the first half is over and I now, I just need to make it out alive for four more months.

Four more months of gruesome competition:  Who’s play is going to be put on?  Who’s going to get to perform on the radio now that we have our new ties with XM?  Who’s sketches and plays will make it into the end-of year show and finally, who will get a coveted sport in the Industry Show at the end of the year?  That’s a lot of pressure, readers.

So again, I fully intend to take advantage of the next three weeks of vacation to recharge, because next semester is going to be insanely-nutso-busy-face!

Bring it on…


… in three weeks… I still need this break, hard.

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