Parody Shoots

What a crazy and fun couple of weeks culminating in our parody shoots!

This was a project we started a while ago – when everyone had to submit one parody sketch for our sketch comedy writing class.   I wrote one about Star Trek, a sortof ‘what if everyone in Star Trek were as apathetic as the young are today?’ (because these sketches were supposed to have some sort of relevant social message.  Also, because I like Star Trek.

A handful of sketches were selected by our sketch teacher to be filmed in a proper/professional SNL-type three-camera professional shoot.

After several edits and rehearsals, we finally shot all the parodies on Thursday and Friday in one of the studios at school.  You would hardly recognize it from every other day.  It was completely transformed to accommodate our shoot.

We got our hair done professionally & were made-up, costumed-up & sent out to the studio.  There were individually unique sets for each parody, which the director admitted he was worried about when I’d mentioned I wanted my sketch shot on the bridge of the Enterprise.

I have to admit, the costumes were pretty spot on:

I can’t wait to see what comes of these sketches.  I don’t know if we’re involved in the editing process at all, although admittedly, that would be very helpful to sit in on.  Blah!  Either way, I want to see them NOW!

Also, as tiring as the filming days were, (I went to bed immediately when I got home after the first day of shooting, no joke, I went to lay down on the couch and was like.. yup, this is happening and zonked out at like 9:30pm,) I can’t wait to get on another set.  Although, hopefully next time I won’t be obligated to dress as a prostitute.

Or will I?

No please, not again.  I looked like shit.

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