An Extremely Passive Agressive and Sarcastic Post

HERE, newly-formed comedy troupe! Here’s the opportunity to have a coveted performance spot in a successful annual sketch comedy festival! Many troupes applied, and many didn’t make it in.  You didn’t even have to apply.  The program coordinator of your college got you the spot!  Lucky ducks!

Now, while we’re at it, here are several passes, allowing you to see any and every show in the festival for FREE.  Isn’t that awesome?

In addition to all that, there are free workshops going on that will help you become a better and more successful sketch writer, performer and troupe as a whole.   What do you think about that?  Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to get better, right from the get-go?  Some troupes take YEARS to figure this stuff out.  We’re just GIVING the information away for free!  All you have to do is show up!!

You can meet and mingle with other performers too!  Mingle with them and make connections that will almost guaranteed get more performance time!  It’s THAT easy!

Oh wait, what?  You’re all too busy for all of that?  More important things to do?  This whole comedy school thing you’re trying out, that’s what?  Just for fun?

That’s cool.  I understand.  I’m pretty sure success will just fall out of the sky and onto my lap too.


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