Troupes & Videos Of The Day

One of the tasks to which I was assigned for my internship with TOsketchfest is posting write-ups for the various troupes performing during the festival as well as finding some of their funny videos online and publishing them as well.  I think I might take this opportunity to showcase my writing (which follows a very strict format) for the festival.  Here are links to a couple of my posts:

Troupe of the Day – Touch My Stereotype ->   NOTE!  LaughDraft is performing alongside this troupe on November 8th at Comedy Bar.  Should be very cool.  If you want to buy tickets… you can click HERE!

Troupe of the Day – Vest of Friends -> These guys are friends of mine, so it’s pretty cool to get to write about them.  They host a weekly stand-up room where I’ve performed a bunch… although not lately… stupid busy second year!

Troupe of the Day – Good Game -> Again, more friends of mine.  Or at least one friend.  I’ve never met the others.  But still.  Friendly peeps worth checking out!

Video of the Day – My Toronto -> This is a video by a two-person troupe called British Teeth.  I saw them perform at Fresh Meat this year and they were very funny… as is this video.  Check it.  Torontonians will love it.

I can’t wait for the festival to start, so I can check out all the troupes I’m writing about!

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