What’s with the Second Years?

“…is something wrong?  Are you not enjoying the program?  What’s wrong with you all?  Why aren’t you showing up on time?  Why are you skipping class?  How come you aren’t handing in your homework on time? You only have __ many of these classes left this semester, so at least try to show some enthusiasm.”

Some of us ARE doing it all, by the way…  Have you noticed?

It’s really discouraging to be grouped up with a bunch of people who aren’t holding their own when I’m up every freakin’ day, early as shit, to get either to school or to my part-time job on campus — on time!  I put in my hours, do my homework (of which the workload is significantly heavier than last year,) while simultaneously volunteering for comedy events around Toronto and being a very invested member of LaughDraft, time-wise, with its organization, its promotion and its creative content.  And I’m fine, thank you very much.

To be associated in the same light as someone who doesn’t show up on time ever, but who passes anyway because teachers feel bad giving them a failing grade, it’s insulting.  Why should I bother handing my stuff on time now, if I know I can get away with slacking hard?

You know why the second years are behaving like that?  Because you are LETTING THEM!

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