The Loony Bin

I started working on campus this week.  I’m a resume tutor at the Career Services Centre.  So that’ll go well as long as none of the people I’m tutoring ask me what program I’m in.

A short walk away from the old Lunatic Asylum and I’m back at Birmingham, where we’re working on all sorts of cool projects this week and for the next few weeks.  I’m working on a “Character Monologue” based off one of my very good friends back in Ottawa, (which one? ooohhoooohooo… I’m not telling!!! ) a sketch that will be a parody of “Star Trek” and, to make sure we know how to get our material out there and read, we have to pitch something we’ve written; an article or something similar, to a magazine or online publication in an attempt to get it published.  More on that to come if I actually get anything published.

In addition to that, I extra-curriculared this week a) auditioning for a theatre company’s improv theatresports season and b) tried to get a set at Siren’s, which has lately been overrun by first years.  (All the power to ’em!)

HOWEVER, if any of you have been checking my Facbeook page or tweets, (and I assume you have because how else would you know I’d updated  my blog?), you’ll see a few of my pals and I have been working on a Beatles parody (originally as an assignment for school) but the recording and video-ing were meant to be a last-ditch pre-election effort to get this song going viral, because it’s funny and dag nabbit it’s topical.  So if you’ve made it this far… take a look at the video, enjoy it (regardless of who you intend to vote for) and spread the word of all the social media stuff.

Also, go out and Vote on Thursday.  I know I’m not in poli sci anymore, but apathy’s useless… so go DO something!

Ok, here it is… enjoy:

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