First Time Headlining Humber Yuk Yuk’s

Here’s what’s wrong with being a comedian:

When you have a BAD set:

“Oh, the audience was terrible, nobody got anything I was trying to say.  The host such and such.  And I think I’m going to quit forever.”

When you have a GOOD set:

“Oh, Yuk’s on a Humber night is a fake audience, and I didn’t really do that well.  I forgot this and ahhh, I’m going to quit forever.”

You follow?

That being said, taking away all the negative thoughts and self-doubt, my set tonight at Yuk Yuk’s was probably the most fun I’ve had up there to date.  I made kissy faces at a guy in the front row.  I fake needle-stabbed some girls off to my right.  I think it was the first time I felt tied-in with the audience, even though I was the last person up and sometimes people clock out WAY BEFORE the headliner.  The audience was predominantly comprised of 1st year Comedy students and their friends.  Although by the time I got up to headline the show, there were a lot of people present for the following non-Humber amateur show, the “Launch Pad,” which I will have to try to get on one of these days.  They were super receptive!

I looked over to my left at one point and the people looked miserable.

But that’s focusing on the negative again.

Also, my opening wasn’t very strong.  I got to do a big fat 7 minutes, and the opening was kindof ‘meh.’  Luckily, my bike accident saga made up for it.

The audience response was spectacular & I received compliments from strangers afterwards, Humber students and other.  Compliments!  I never got compliments from strangers telling me how good I was at booking reservations for tours of Rideau Hall.  Well, actually, now that I think about it, I did receive a few of those.  Toot toot.  I’m down with Micaelle Jean.

It was fun to see all the first years perform their 2 minutes, scared shitless like I was just last year.  It’s also fascinating to look back and see how significantly life has changed since last year, and even more since the year before that.

I wonder what will be in store this year…

But for now: BED.  I have my first real day of work for Humber College’s Career Services tomorrow!  Woot!  8:30 shift!  I wish I had a car. (Mom, Dad… are you reading this?)

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