So much is happening at school!   Assignments already, readings and performances!  It’s like… REAL school!  How exciting!   In addition to that, there will apparently be some changes to the class roster, as a few students seem to want out of it (because it is apparently difficult to maintain a part time job with my section’s schedule) (and because some people want to leave the program flat out) and some people want in.  Well, one person wants in.  Either way, it’s only the beginning of the year and it’s buzz buzz buzz.

I also had my first encounter with student government today.  I actually went to the Humber Student Federation (HSF) building (why would I otherwise?) (Oh wait, I think I did last year, I think that’s the K building, we did a show there…stand-up, it wasn’t bad.)  ANYWAY, I digress.  Apparently it’s as easy as saying:

Us: “Some of the students in the Comedy program are putting on a show and we’d like to put up some posters on campus to advertise.”

HSF: “No, no, no!  Don’t you dare put those posters up.”

Us: “What?  But why not?”

HSF: “Because we’ll do it for you!  We’ll take all your posters and plaster them around campus.  You don’t have to do any of the work.  Aren’t you glad you elected us last year?”

Us: “Uh… yeah.”

HSF:  “You did vote, didn’t you?”

Us: “Uh… so… you’ll put the posters up?”

HSF: Glaring…

“We sure will!! They’ll all be up by tomorrow! Have a splendid day!”

Us: “Thank you so much!”

Then I ran away.


Just kidding.  I totally voted in last year’s student election.  I don’t know who I voted for or what any of the students’ platforms were, but no big right?  Just doing my civic duty as a student with rights on a campus where people take Comedy: Writing and Performance seriously as a program.  Oh man.  Thank God for that.

So we’ll have posters advertising our Sept 22nd LaughDraft show up all around campus!  Isn’t that great, exciting and wonderful?

Well, I certainly thought so.

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