Persistent Post-Performance Head Pain

So, this probably isn’t a good thing, but most (every) nights I perform end with terrible headaches.  I call them post-performance headaches (logically.)  They’re like mini-migraines during which I become very sensitive to light.  I feel like I should probably see a doctor about this, but I don’t want the doctor to be like: “Oh, you should never perform again, it’s bad for you!”  Although, he (or she) might just say: “Go get your prescription updated.” and that wouldn’t be so terrible.

It’s either that, or I forget how to breathe the entire day leading up to a performance.  Because, fuck breathing. Amirite?


I had my first Improv class of the semester and I’m looking forward to working with Robin Duke.  It sounds like some of this pre-planned improv stuff (contradictory as it may seem) might be just the experience necessary to build a foundation for a show with a similar structure as It’s Always Sunny… or Curb…

It is also refreshing that Acting class is so positive this year.  Today I played two new characters; a woman desperate to have a child, and a total bro.  I find it strange I never really considered the “characters” I play on a regular basis.  When asked if I have any “characters,” I said, not really.  But I do… I’m reminded right now of the voice I use when pretending to be my mother… and that’s a really GOOD one!  Anyway, CHARACTER is on my mind a lot lately. 


I had a great set at Yuk Yuk’s tonight.  Older material, but it went over super well, so I’m glad about that.  A friend of mine from high school and her sister were in the audience, so that was a lot of fun too.  She can go back to Niagara and tell everyone I’m not as bad as my set at City Lights made me out to be.

As always, socializing post-performance left me feeling confused because a) I like socializing and b) I like Strongbow. However, it c) takes me a long time to get home and it’s starting to get cold out in the evenings  which leads me to the fact that d) I need a car.

I’ll be performing new stuff tomorrow night at the friendliest room in town, Sirens.  And I super-dee-dooper look forward to it!


If you haven’t already seen this, it’s the most recent LaughDraft News segment and this week’s a good one!! (They all are.)

You can check it out at: LaughDraft News – SEPTEMBER 9 2011


Upcoming LaughDraft Show

The details have been confirmed with regards to our LaughDraft sketch show.  If you’re in town on Thursday, Sept 22nd, you should definitely come on down and check it out.

Here’s our poster:

If you want to RSVP to the event, you can do so on Facebook at LaughDraft SEASON OPENER

That’s it for now!  Comments encouraged!

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