How’s it Gonna Be?

You know how Zach Braff goes to that college party in The Last Kiss and it’s really awkward for him until he starts rubbing up against Rachel Bilson?  Well, last Friday’s party was NOTHING like that at all.  But it was a pretty damn good party.  One of the problems with coming back to school, in a program so heavily dominated by people younger than I, is this aspect of socializing has sortof passed for me, so when it happens that I do attend a college party and I don’t feel like an old cow, or an awkward outcast, I feel like it must have been a damn good party.

Kindof like this guy:



I just watched the trailer for that movie and MAN did I get hit by a crap-ton of memories.   Remember Third Eye Blind’s How’s It Gonna Be?  Yeah.  Now YOU ride that wave of nostalgia along with me.  It’ll be fun.

I performed a set tonight at bar where very few people attended and I tried out a few new little bits.  We also met about our upcoming performance on the 22nd.  I love being back into the flow of comedy things.  My next four days are FILLED with not only school, but shows, performances and filming outside of school.  I am a busy bee! Buzz buzz buzz.

OK, one more awesome 90s movie scene before I go to bed.


GOD! I miss my childhood.



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