6-Hour Break

I am currently sitting in the library researching news and writing jokes for our upcoming LaughDraft Newscast.

Thought I’d take a little break and talk about what my first classes have been like so far.  Yesterday, we had our first Comedy Script Writing class, which seems like it will be a really interesting one.  Strictly writing assignments.  It’ll be a great challenge.  We had to come up with what they call a 6-word memoir, so 6 words that sortof sum up your life to this point.  Mine was:

“Thankfully, Dad still helps with rent.”

We also had our first Physical Comedy class, which looks as though it will take after what we did last year in terms of clowning and other interesting projects.  I find that course particularly difficult because I don’t feel all that aggressive in it, and I feel I’m surrounded by people who want to be louder and more outgoing.  (Right?) Anyway, I don’t know, I guess I just have to let go.  My foot hurts though, from working all summer in Converse sneakers which, though fashionable, provided little support to my arches/ankles.  Also, I closed a door on my ankle this summer and dropped a poster box on my foot.  All of these factors might affect the current state of my achy tootsies.

Today, we had our first Stand-Up class of the year, and it’s great to be with Larry again.  I’m looking forward to doing a bit of voice work in his class this year.  Hopefully we’ll see what kindof stupid voices I can pull off and make funny.  That being said, I’m booked for a set at Yuk Yuk’s this coming Tuesday.  Show starts at 7:30.

Speaking of shows, LaughDraft has settled on a date for our next performance.  We’ll be holding in on Thursday, September 22nd back in Kensington at the Kapisanan Centre.  I’ll begin bombarding you with invitations and posters soon enough, but in the meantime, you’ve got the heads up.


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