Clown College: Round 2


…what Adam Sandler said…

Yes, well, welcome to Year 2 of my Clown College Confessions.  Thanks for those of you who’ve stuck with me this far.

Today was my first day of classes and I only had one class to attending: Acting & Voice.  We have a new teacher, which is exciting because it means we will get to see this subject matter instructed in a different method than that of the very unique view and perspective of one, Mr. Lewis Baumander.   The big project in Acting class this year seems like it will be the performance of 10-minute plays, which we will both write and perform.   Those are happening in February, so fans… keep your calendars free.  They told us they would be switching the groups around so we would be working with students other than those with which we had class last year, but a significant chunk of the people in my class this year were also in my class last year, which is good.  It will allow for a more comfortable experience, I think, based on the fact that we all already know each other and we can pretty much be at ease with each other (for the most part.)

I also had a first “new season” meeting with some members of LaughDraft.  It looks like we’re hopeful to put on another sketch show later on in September.  More details to come on that front, but things are looking positive.  We’re also starting to talk about getting more content up on our website, so you should all have lots of giggles to look forward to in the not-so-distant future.

I met up with the program coordinator today briefly to discuss an idea I’ve had for a performance/fundraiser.  The idea is very much still in its developing stages, so nothing more on that topic until I meet with him again.

The Humber Comedy Alumni show took place tonight at Yuk Yuk’s.  This is a performance in which some of the funniest stand-ups/past Humber students performed a show, mainly for the first years as a welcome, but also for returning students and other alumni.  The show was… great.  Surprisingly great.  I didn’t attend last year, and I don’t quite remember why, but for some reason I think it might have had to do with my roommate’s lack of desire to attend, and I was easily influenced back then.  Anyway, I’m glad I attended this year because the show was really great, really tight and very funny.  I hope to one day perform in this show.

Finally, on a more personal note, I’m trying to work on fear and personal anxiety.  Putting those things aside to get where I want to be in this program among my peers and with the teachers.  Even just shooting the shit with the program coordinator & his assistant this morning is like, a huge accomplishment for me, as tiny as it may sound.

A very positive start to the year.

I hope you’ll keep reading about my adventures in Year Two!

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