When I worked at a movie theatre…

…these are words I spoke over and over again last Wednesday night at my second ever hosting gig.   I wanted to write a post about my hosting gig last week because I thought it was a super-fun positive experience, considering I’ve been so busy working at the cinema lately I haven’t exactly been able to focus my attention on comedy, anyway, it was good to know that I wasn’t too rusty to pull off not only a set, but a whole hosting gig.  Actually, I found that the hosting gig was maybe easier than an actual set, because I got to ad-lib a bit and tell some true stories without them following a specific strict joke format.

Few comics showed up for the evening, compared to the regular Sirens turn-out, but it was enough for about 7 comics to come up and do a set and for me to talk a bit between each set.  I was a bit upset that more people didn’t show up, but I guess it’s to be expected from open mic nights in Toronto in the summertime.  Lots of people out of town, lots of people too hot to leave the comfort of their parents’ air conditioned houses. 😛

Anyhoo, my theme for the evening was: “Resignation” as I’d recently submitted my resignation from my job at the cinema to get ready to go back to school in the Fall.  I told several ridiculous stories about working at a movie theatre, as I have nearly 7 years off and on of experience dishing out popcorn and taking shit from moviegoers.

It was fun to retell the stories to people who don’t also work in movie theatres.  Also, afterward, one of the audience members (and a good friend of another comic) told me I was adorable up there.  How about that?

Reasons I shouldn’t find that as awesome as it may seem:

1) A woman said it;

2) I think she was just making conversation.  She probably felt bad for me.


Annnnnnyway…  as a result of my working so much and taking Wednesday night off to do Sirens, I wasn’t able to film the news this week, so Paul, the web-master/writer/creator of the website stepped in.  He’s supposed to be our Sports guy, but we haven’t established that quite yet.

You can check out that news report by clicking here:  http://laughdraft.com/2011/08/ld-news-19082011/

I’ll be back to film it next week though!

OH! And friends from the Niagara Region might be happy to hear that I’ll be performing a set in St. Catharines at the end of the month.  More details to come.  Stay tuned!


Thanks for reading friends!!  Once I’m finished at the cinema, hopefully I’ll have more comedy news to report!





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