Summer News Writing Day

Just thought I’d run people by a typical day of writing and filming our weekly newscast.

Step 1 was getting the day off.  Somehow I managed to get three days in a row off this week, you’d think I’d have spent some of that time writing jokes for the show, but alas, I went to Welland and didn’t want to do any writing there, so there you have it.

Step 2: Get picked up & driven out all the way to Milton, ON.  Why Milton?  Because Paul has the greenscreen in his basement and he lives in Milton, therefore that is where we must film the news.

Step 3:  Eat lunch at Swiss Chalet.  (Joey and Paul demand their Chicken n’ Ribs – I prefer the Chicken on a Kaiser.)

Step 4: Shoppers Drug Mart to buy cat treats, because I don’t know when the next opportunity I will have to buy Peanut her snacks and I left her old bag in Welland.

Step 5: Arrive at destination, 2.5 hours later.

Step 6:  Decide instead to discuss the details of a potential upcoming LaughDraft show.  Get completely immersed in that and forget to write jokes.

Step 7: Write jokes.

Step 8: Slow news week.  See if Steve & Brandon come with better jokes.  Take 2 hour nap in the meantime.

Step 9:  Steve and Brandon arrive.  They brought more jokes with them.  Huzzah.  All is not lost.

Step 10: Establish the order of the jokes, get costumed up and head to the basement to start filming.

Step 11: Get through the first and last scene only before a breaker goes out and we have to break for 10 mins. to let the electricity calm down again.

Step 12: Keep fucking up the wording for the same joke over and over and over and over again until you finally get so fed up you end up using one of the sloppy takes.

Step 13: Wait patiently while co-anchors and other special appearances do the same thing.

Step 14: Pick Paul up the floor.  He fell down as we threw a volleyball at him.

Step 15: Holy crap, we’re done!  We’re done!!!  We did it!

Step 16: Zombie car-ride home to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

Is it worth it?

You tell me…

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