Schedule’s Up

Clown College posting is officially back on.  We’ve received our Fall schedules!  As I may have mentioned, class sizes in Humber’s comedy program aren’t very big; we started off with about 20 people per section.  I imagine that will have dropped a tad as we enter our second year.

I’ve come to be accustomed to the members of my section so it will be very interesting to see how I fare this term, as they are mixing up everyone into new sections.  For a while I was worried about this.  Given the nature of this program, it’s common for us to divulge somewhat private information during our classes and in our sets.

I speak for myself, but others may sympathize that it takes time to trust people enough to open up like that.  Especially when you face the consequences of seeing them every day for the rest of the semester.

I want to say that people have become used to my interactions with them.  They know me and how I will react to certain circumstances and though initially I was worried about whether or not it would go over well next semester, I’ve decided not to care.  I’m just going to try to make the best of it and stay positive.

Let’s see if I’m kidding myself.

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