Furry Improv

The ride was long, arduous; the traffic, horrendous.  We finally arrived at our destination: the Four Points Sheraton – London, ON.  Stepping out of the car into the sweltering heat, we look around and a group of four people exit the hotel, presumably on their way to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  They are four average, young guys; pale due to too much gaming.  Apart from that, nothing about them stands out from any other human being except as they walk passed us, we notice one slight difference that puts them apart from the rest of us.  These four young men have gigantic plush fuzzy tails.

This past Saturday, LaughDraft‘s improv team performed at a Furries Convention.

I can’t say I possessed any particular kind of knowledge with regards to furry fandom prior to this event, but I’ve since learned that it’s on par with things like Anime fandom.  And instead of explaining the culture of Furrydom in my blog, I’ll suggest you to check out the details on your own.  You can get started at Wikipedia, should you desire. I simply wanted to introduce the somewhat surreal atmosphere of people, dressed in fursuits walking around a hotel, as if it’s completely commonplace.  It was the most weird and wonderful experience of my young career as a comic.

Members of our troupe were assigned a meeting room in which to perform.  No stage.  A conference room in a hotel.  We set up the chairs and the room filled and let out, and filled and let out over the course of our two hour performance.  We played mainly the types of games from in Whose Line is it Anyway?   Though we’re quite new to performing improv, I feel the show went really well!  The audience was very engaged, which was great, considering we had absolutely no idea what to expect from a group of Furry fans watching a comedy show which has absolutely nothing to do with furry fandom!

Everyone, performers and audience seemed to be having such a great time!  I can’t wait to go on the road again for another performance, tails or not.  It’s all purrrrrfect!


For the record though, yeah… the whole thing is a little fucked.  But how can I judge?  I’m dressing like Janeway at FanExpo this year.

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