Relationships: Great Fodder for Laughs

One year ago today, I woke up to find a Dear John in my Facebook Inbox.  At that point I was 26-years old and held a respectable job for the Government.  I was and still am an adult.  But one year ago, this 26 year-old adult got Facedumped.  Five months later, I tweaked the tale a bit and told it to a crowd of strangers on stage at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club in downtown Toronto.  It was one of my most successful sets to date.

To those of you who did not know me then, at the time, I was devastated.  It was a pretty dark time in Brie’s little world.  But to those facing relationship hardship, drama or break-ups, keep in mind; you never know…that which hurts the most also brings the most laughter and comfort to others.

Part of me feels like I should be thankful to the man that caused such pain and suffering, but I’m not.  The douchebag dumped me on Facebook for shit’s sake.  What are you, a socially-inept child-man?… Giant chicken-shit!!

Since I’ve been to Humber, many of the teachers have told me it might be best not to be in a relationship if you’re a comic, because a) you don’t want your partner holding you back and b) nobody in their right mind should want to be with a comedian.  That being said, relationships are fantastic fodder for a set because most people are either in them, just getting out of them or longing to be in one.  Why wouldn’t you want to give the people something they can relate to, then laugh at when they compare how not-terrible their circumstances are in comparison.

One thing I remember about having just been dumped is how happy and close all the couples I knew seemed to act around me.  I hated it at the time and wished sorrow upon everyone.  But the more I did, the more it was as if they were unconsciously reassuring each other that neither of them would be so shitty as to break up with the other over a social media tool, or at all, for that matter.  They didn’t have to do anything and their strength as a couple rubbed me like salt in an open wound.  Based on that experience, I can see how much of an impact shared and common social interactions, like a break-up, can have on the people in the audience.

And with that I acknowledge that a year has past and that not only am I still breathing, but I’m doing things and going places I never thought possible only one year ago.

So fuck you.


3 thoughts on “Relationships: Great Fodder for Laughs

  1. Donna says:

    Although devestating at the time, you are right where you need and are supposed to be at this time in your life!!! You are a SUPERSTAR!!!!


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