Headlines Feel like Diamonds

I headlined for the first time last night!  Hooray!  For those of you who are not aware, headlining a show is when you’re the last to go up during a stand-up show (or any show, I guess) & you typically get more time to tell your jokes than the other performers, and you’re typically responsible for making sure the people leave the show satisfied with the evening’s comedy.  I should mention that it was a last-minute invite to headline and I didn’t get paid for it or anything, but I was still very happy to a) headline for the first time b)have been trusted with headlining and c) got to work on my set for tonight’s Comedy Bar show.

So, big thanks to the Vest of Friends & all those in attendance at Sirens last night for letting me finish the show off making the entire crowd terribly uncomfortable.  Woohoo!

Now everybody come out to Comedy Bar tonight at 8pm for my first paid comedy gig!!!!! YAY!!!


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