Awkward Launch Party

Oh my goodness, shame on me for not posting more frequently.

Dearest readers, I have been so busy dishing out popcorn, I have had very little time to keep you all abreast of my current comedy-related endeavours, so allow this post to provide you with some helpful information to ensure you I’ve been doing more than cleaning up other people’s discarded Reese’s Pieces off sticky floors.

Paid Embarrassment

First off ladies and gentlemen, I will be performing in my first PAID gig this coming Thursday, June 2nd at Comedy Bar (a popcular venue for Comedy, for those of you not familiar with Toronto.)  That being said, the more people in attendance, the more money I can potentially make, so a) you should come watch the show and b) I don’t care, whatever.  If I make at least a toonie for this show, it’ll still be more than I’ve ever made before as a comic and I’ll judge it as a success.  The show is not actually stand-up comedy.  Rather it’s a series of comics telling real-life painfully embarrassing stories.  It should be painful in the way watching Ricky Gervais is painful…, delightfully so.

The show’s called Awkward: A Show of Epic Fails.  If you click on the title, you’ll be redirected to the Facebook event page, where you can find out more information about the show and RSVP that you will be in attendance.

Launch Party

The next big news is the Launch Party/Performance for the comedy troupe LaughDraft, of which I am a founding member.  On June 24th, we’ve got a venue, a liquor license & a bunch of fun new comedy to perform live as we celebrate the launch of our comedy website:  It would be amazing if any of you reading this could attend the launch and even more amazing if those of you who can’t make the launch check out the website and support our big project!  This is such an exciting project to work on because it includes so many different types of sketches and stand-up because there’s such a diversity among the comics contributing to the site.  It’s definitely something to look out for & really appreciate all of your support!

Anyhoodlydoo, I’ve slowly been sipping sangria (through a straw) throughout the typing of this post and am now sufficiently tipsy to acknowledge the fact I should stop typing.  Also, living by the Humber river has its disadvantages.  There are gnats in my apartment.  So many gnats.  I hate gnats.  But I love the word gnat.

So remember, Thursday June 2nd & Friday June 24th.  Come support you’re local cheese-named friend!

Until next time, g’night… (or g’nat?)


2 thoughts on “Awkward Launch Party

  1. Donna says:

    I can see it now…next blog “The Gnats took over Brie’s World”. Sorry I can’t make it down to see any of your performances but I promise one day I will get to TO and see you so I can say I knew you when…

  2. Dominique says:

    wow! a paid performance!!! I wish I could come! why is Toronto so far away?!?! I’m sure you’ll make more than a toonie. You are so good and funny!

    what’s a gnat?

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