Winding Down

The semester is coming to an end with only 3 days of class left.  I wish I had more time to process the emotional impact this might have on me, except I’ve been pretty distracted lately with the promise of moving out on my own (like, on my own own.  A bachelor apartment West of Toronto, closer to school and to work, and with more opportunities to walk around my apartment naked…) and with a new job starting (two movie theatres, in case you were curious.  Not huge money, but the promise of full time means lots of work and no time to spend any of the money I make… hopefully that will help me pay back some of my current school/Subway related debts.  Also, I might get to walk around naked.)

I suppose it’s because it doesn’t really seem as though anything is actually finishing.  For some, this is the end.  Many have decided they do not wish to return to complete the program next year, and to them I wish good luck (and good riddance) 😛 For me, I see this as a temporary break, in which I can take some time to write things I haven’t been able to write because I’ve been too busy writing other things for school and wasting hours on the streetcar.  Fully clothed.  Don’t worry.

I keep thinking living in this new apartment and working a new job will somehow contribute to my way-of-life as I seem to have lost some of my enthusiasm for this program and for performing comedy in general lately.  I don’t want to stop doing it, I just think I just need a break from the day-to-day chauvinist rape jokes and the endless inside-my-head guessing what kinds of criticisms people are making about me, pretty well everywhere I go.  Ah… sweet sweet anxiety.  Hopefully this whole “living-on-my-own” thing will also encourage other kinds of good behaviour, particularly in the health department. (No more trips to the OJJJJJJJJJJ’s for a constant re-supply of sunflower seeds and Coke.)

I guess my general state-of-mind in blogland is that Clown College will soon be on hiatus.  I intend to keep blogging throughout the summer to keep everyone informed of my progress in comedy-related endeavours; stand-up gigs, improv or sketch stuff or any other musings on the subject.

So, if anyone still cares, thanks for following along with me on this first-year of my journey and I hope you keep reading and commenting.  It means a lot to me.  If you keep reading, I might tell you what I learned about why chickens are so fascinated by road-crossing.

4 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. KYLEEEEEMMM says:

    I started reading this fully clothed…

    …Then finished reading it fully clothed.
    But I definitely thought about taking off my socks.

    I’m exhausted from this year too, and I’m definitely ready for a break, but I know I’m gunna miss it within the week…

    And I’ve totally never criticized you! Even in my head! If that makes you feel any better (I wouldn’t expect it to/I tried)

    Congratz on the job though, that’s doooppeeee

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