Goodbye Holidays

After the most time off I’ve had, probably since high school, I’m feeling excited about returning to Toronto tomorrow.  I’m ready to get back in the game!  Not that I necessarily left the game while away from the big city, considering the singular performance I had last Monday in Ottawa (which went AWESOME, by the way!) The Open Mic show at Absolute in Ottawa was a great way to see how my stuff works with a crowd of people who aren’t predominantly comics themselves.  The response on Monday was quite positive. Were some of my friends there in the audience?  Yes.  Did I stack the audience?  Only a BIT. Not as much as some, certainly!  Am I glad some of my best pals from Ottawa, whom I never get to see anymore since having moved away, attended the performance?  You betcha!

I was talking about how fun it would be to organize a small tour of performers around cities the size of Ottawa; university towns and such. I wonder how that would turn out.  I should look into that for the Spring.

Going back to school, I have to address somewhat of a shift in dynamic I intend to experience next semester.  Recently, my brother and sister-in-law and their two kids have moved back to Canada after having lived in Scotland for quite some time. Both parents have managed to score sweet jobs in TO and I will be living in Mississauga.  It’s been a while since I’ve lived anywhere near my family, so I’m curious to see, not so much from a comedy perspective, but just in general, how life will play out having people nearby who will let me do my laundry at their place for free!  🙂

I’m so excited for semester 2.  I’m going in with a fresh perspective.  I feel like I’ve made an effort in the first semester to get out there and perform and I’m looking at applying myself and working harder (and sleeping less as a result) this time around. Especially when it comes to writing jokes and sketches.

I can’t wait!

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