First Ottawa Set

Who’s got two thumbs and is stoked about tonight’s Open Mic set at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa?  *This gal!* (Replace asterisks with thumbs for this to make sense visually.)

It’ll be my first time playing at a real comedy club that isn’t Yuk’s and my first time performing in Ottawa.  This is exciting stuff people!

If anyone’s interested in attending, here’s the info:

Get there early!  Apparently Open Mic nights fill up quick in the Capital!

One thought on “First Ottawa Set

  1. Just wanted to leave a late “THANKS A BUNCH” to all those who came out to this set in Ottawa. It meant a lot to me that you came to see me and more importantly, that most of you admitted to having a good laugh!

    I can’t wait to see you all again soon! 🙂

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