Holiday Show

Thus endeth the first semester of Clown College: with a bit of good news, a bit of bad news, then more good times, a nap and some good times after that.

It’s the nap’s fault I’m up at 2:50 a.m. though.  Cursed naps.

A few of our teacher’s had “one-on-one” meetings with each student in the program to talk about our progress, strengths and stuff to work on for the next semester etc.  How amazing of a thing is that!?  That did NOT happen in university.  AND… they’re really encouraging!  They notice things about us.  They notice dips in energy.  They call us on our shit.   It’s great to have such readily available feedback!

Anyway, high praise from one prof and then a “wtf was your sketch about” from another prof, a bunch of the students performed a variety of sketches, improv games and stand-up to send the semester off with some cheer.  Organized by one of the students in my class, with help from one of our teacher’s, the show was a huge success!  It was also the first time I got to “perform” improv since I’ve been to Toronto.  It was FUN!!  The whole show was just a demonstration about how gifted and how funny the kids in this program really are!  And folks, that’s encouraging for you too because it gives you something to look forward to in the way of comedy in Canada.  Just sayin’.

Now I won’t be in class for the next three weeks and I’m going to have to think hard about what to do with all this time.  Writing jokes and seeing people is what I had in mind.

Falling asleep right now and avoiding Peanut’s heat-goo is another.

Good night!

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