Snow and Drugs

Who has two thumbs, tooth pain, is hopped up on meds and is totally ready for the Holidays?  This gal.

OK.  Not “totally“, it’s not like I’ve, you know, purchased any gifts yet or anything.  But as far as school goes, I’m ready for a little break.  Not that I’m particularly fed up, but we’ve completed our major performances and assignments for the term and everything’s winding down to a close. I haven’t gone out on my own to do any performances because of all the end-of-term work last week and then my health took a turn over the weekend, which is something else that’s slowly sucking the life out of me.

For example, after class today I had a nap.  I woke up at 6:30 p.m. convinced I’d slept through the entire night and that it was actually 6:30 a.m.,  I was ready to call a friend an apologize for having slept through our plans for the evening and ready to shit on/congratulate my roommate for ambitiously doing the dishes at such an ungodly hour and waking me up in the process. (Sorry/Thank you Sarrah.) I was completely disoriented and I have been, to a certain degree, for the past few days. This morning, I had an English proficiency exam, which was a joke, but I had to focus much harder than I normally do to make sense of what was being asked of me.  Two different antibiotics, painkillers and nerve pain take their toll on the ol’ mindjuice.  So, have no fear, readers.  I’m heading to the endodontist (<— screw off Word Press, that’s totally a word!) to get my root canal re-root canalled. (I know, right?)  If anyone wants to know what I’d like for Christmas, it’s for Humber College to cover emergency dental procedures.

…Not that I miss working for the Man, but man, the Man did have good freakin’ benefits.

Anyhoo, but there are positives on the horizon.  If any of you are visiting the GTA over the next little while, I’ll be performing some improv in a class Christmas show on Friday, Dec 17th at around 4:30.  Then I have a set next Monday (Dec 20th) AND on Tuesday (Dec 21st).  For more information about those two, just drop me a line on Facebook. In the meantime, I guess I should ask Santa for some new material before Monday!

Also, for you Ottawa folks who haven’t forgotten me: I’ll be in Ottawa for NYE and New Years Day, in town for a wedding happening on the 2nd of January.  I was thinking about hanging around for a few days after that too, but that’ll be entirely dependent on if you will let me sleep in your houses.  I’ll try to get some sets on the go in Ottawa too that week, if any of the clubs/open mics will be running while I’m there.  But please, please, please… let me stay in your houses. I can’t afford a hotel.  PLEASE.

In the meantime, for the love of GOD be careful driving.  It’s a snow-shit-show out there.


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