A Break from the Laughs

No comedy this evening.  Instead, I went to watch a band at the Mod Club.  Yes a band.  No, not comedy.  Yup, with instruments and everything.  And no racist humour!  (Although there was one pretty blatantly homophobic comment…) But I digress.

I find so many comedy students’ lives so completely saturated with comedy, comedy, COMEDY and I have to remind myself from time to time that maybe the reason I and others think I’m funny is because I had a life before I came here and I experienced things that vary from the lives of the other comics here.   So, as much fun as it is to be at the clubs and gross bars for open mics,  improv and sketch…GAH, sometimes it’s just such a relief to listen to some good live music for Pete’s sake.

This life is messing with my sleeping patterns.  So is Peanut.  Tell me, is kneading at 4 a.m. really necessary, cat?

Get some sleep, Brie.

Good night.

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