Two Sets are Better than One

So, my second set at Yuk Yuk’s is down.  It went well, I think.  Most evenings I spend on the floor with my legs up in the air usually end in disappointment and awkwardness, so…yeah… This was a nice change from the norm.

But seriously folks, the night went well at Yuk’s for all of us, I think.  There was a good crowd and a positive attitude as usual, which is always very encouraging and rewarding.  Our stand-up coach didn’t approach me and tell me anything after my set this time, which is a bit unsettling, because he seemed really enthusiastic about it last time, but I may be reading a bit too deeply into that.  I can’t be seeking reassurance after every single set.  What matters is that people laughed and that on its own is reassurance.

After the show, a few students from my class decided to take on a different room; a second set, for some of us.  There are many who tell us to get our names out there, we should be performing as many open mics as possible, multiple times a night if we can, and this was my first shot at a two-fer.   Kids in the class had warned me that this particular “room” is notorious for killing one’s self-esteem, but I’m pleased to say that with the amount of support from the many students who did show up, as well as the constructive criticism and helpful life tips from some of the more experienced comics, this place proved to be exceptionally rewarding.  In addition to a bunch of really practical advice, from business to microphone technique, we also learned how to keep your concentration doing a set whilst inebriated AND getting kicked in the balls.   That’s the really practical stuff they can’t teach us at Humber!

All in all, a good/productive evening, folks. But I grow sleepy in these early morning hours…so…

My next update will likely be on the subject of my troupe’s sketch performances, happening this coming Friday.  I’ll be rehearsing pretty much non-stop from now until then. I can’t WAIT!!!!!  It’s gonna be fun!!!

Until then….Stay tuned!

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