Nothing’s Better than Sets!

On the eve of my second big Yuk Yuk’s set, *hint hint – come see the show (TOMORROW @ 7:30!!,)* I can’t help be contemplate the fact that half a month has gone by since my last post!  I can’t believe it, ladies and gentlemen.  Time flies! I don’t remember time passing this quickly in the past.  Maybe, MAYBE it seemed that way in France, but other than that, there’s no comparison.

Here’s a rundown of what funny’s been restricting me from talking to you lovely people:

Stand-Up!:  I’ve been performing at a few open mics, here and there around town, mainly at one very friendly room hosted by some of the second year students.  I’ve only done two performances outside of their immediate influence, and it was awkward and slightly painful, which is quite common for beginners, so I must force myself to go to more of those.   Some of the kids in my class put on a special performance on campus a while back, which was a lot of fun.  Hopefully we’ll produce some more of those and hopefully get more kids from campus out to watch/participate!

Improv: Not much to report on this front, other than regular class-attending.  My two-person troupe is starting to research some particular styles we’d like to perform, long-form-wise.  Also, I’ve approached my parents about taking courses at the Second City and they seemed to be on board with that.  Hopefully that’ll be a project for the New Year.  2011 – The Year of Making Shit Up!

Sketch: The members of my class-assigned-sketch-troupe are currently in rehearsals with performing our own written sketches.  Mine is a Top Gun-ish-type parody involving tapioca pudding.  Intrigued?  I’ll bet.  We’ll post the videos as soon as they’re up!  One of the kids in the class has been graciously video-ing most of our performances in an effort to eventually throw all this material up on a web-site that’ll show the world how incredibly talented our small class of misfits can be!

The Rest: More bruises from my shtick class and bruised egos in the acting class.  We’re starting to work on choreography in the Physical Comedy class, which is cool for me, because as some of you may or may not know, I danced for 15 years before leaving my home town, oh so many years ago.  I’m glad the guys in my group have some rhythm so we can get some sweet moves down for Thursday!

The other crap:

The nature of socializing has shifted slightly.  Due to my involvement with some stand-up outside the classroom schedule, I’ve begun to see some students more often outside of class, including significantly more of the 2nd year students, which has been helpful and motivating.

We’ve been getting our own crew of participants to our weekly improv-workshops, which have also been a heapful of fun, mostly. These have included some friends of friends, visiting from outside the Humber program to contribute their knowledge, skill and expertise.

In the non-com world, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Ottawa a while back.  It was certainly refreshing to see my dearly-missed pals.  And, all of them got MANY words in, considering I could barely speak any.  A change in the social dynamic, and certainly a change in morale, attitude and spirits since my departure late this summer. Time passes and teaches.

And this post is getting way too* introspective.

*way too = Wellandism.


I’ll let you ALL know how my SECOND BIG SET at YUK YUK’s goes!  Stay tuned!

AND: For those of you coming back to the GTA around Christmas-time, I have ANOTHER set booked at Yuk’s on December 21st.  Set that date aside for laughs and freakin’ EGG NOG!   Ahhhhh yeah.

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