Stand-Up! Improv! Music?

Is it already November?  I can’t believe this!  Not since my time in France has life seemed to be flying so quickly or… drunkenly.

Anyway, our last stand-up assignment was a fun one.   We were given one random word and asked to write two-minutes of material with some background research to support our jokes, making the set both entertaining and informative.  My subject: Skipping Rope.  It was a lot of fun and it got me thinking this would be a great exercise to keep up!  So, if anyone’s interested, please send me, here on WordPress or on Facebook or Twitter, one single word or topic.  I’ll pick a few of them and try to write some material.  If I can manage anything clever, maybe it’ll end up on stage as part of my set.  I just think it’ll be a good way to get me even more motivated to perform stand-up. (Also, it speaks to my lack of creativity, since otherwise, I could just come up with these random topics myself, am I right?  I mean…. wait… damn!)

I’ve started going to some open-mics, in fact I’m performing at one this evening.  Recently, I went to a club where someone I consider to be very funny basically lectured myself and a colleague about how our lives should revolve entirely around stand-up (or comedy, more in general) and nothing else.  “If you have the option between going out and performing a set or staying at home and watching a movie, do the set.  If you have the choice between getting laid and doing a set, do the set!  etc.”  The teachers at Humber all seem very encouraging, but there’s something exceptionally motivating about having someone outside of the sheltered college out in Etobicoke, who knows what it’s like and who’s been through it all,  who’s coming out on top to pressure us rookies into succeeding. Thanks for that, Fry!

Improv is another area that has been drawing in a lot of my focus.  I’ve recently been strongly considering, in addition to the program at Humber, taking courses in Improv at the Second City.  I’m still working out all of the logistics, and I may have to wait til next semester, if at all while at Humber, but it’s certainly something to think about.  We’ve been doing lots of after-hours improv workshops and other types of events and a friend and I spoke to our Improv teacher about trying out some new stuff on our own.  It’s all been very exciting!

Finally, I’m also trying to do something I’ve been meaning to do for years now, which is learning to play the guitar.  I’m hoping that one day, I’ll get good enough to incorporate music as part of my act, so… more to come on how that progresses…

Well, life goes on and I’m still busy, busy with new assignments popping up in each class all the time.  Check back often to find out more about my adventures in clown college!

Fun Fact – I live VERY near the high school where two of Canada’s greatest comedians, Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster used to attend class: Harbord Collegiate.  Cool, n’est-ce pas?  Check out if you’re interested in finding out more about Wayne and Shuster!

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